How do I turn PINCH TO ZOOM On/Off?

To turn PINCH TO ZOOM On/Off, please follow these steps:

  • Tap the side-menu arrow, located halfway up the right-hand of the screen, so that the side-menu is brought into display.

  • At the top of the screen you will notice 3 icons, Envelope, Chat Bubble & Cog. Tap the Cog icon and three further buttons will be displayed directly below the Cog Icon, these being SETTINGS, SOCIAL & HELP! If not already selected, Tap on the SETTINGS button.

  • The screen should now display the following options that you can adjust, LANGUAGE, MUSIC, SFX, BLOOD, Hard Tap to Shoot, PINCH TO ZOOM, Chat Mutes, Notifications.

  • To turn the PINCH TO ZOOM On/Off tap on the slider to the right of PINCH TO ZOOM. Orange indicates that the PINCH TO ZOOM is On, Grey indicates that the PINCH TO ZOOM is Off

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