How do I purchase Special Offers, Gold, Cash or Consumables?

From time to time you may want to purchase more Cash, Gold, Special Offers or Consumables before they run out.

To do this please follow these steps:

  • Tap on the yellow/orange button located at the top right of the main menu which has a Plus (+) symbol on it.

  • The following screen will display, by default, the options for purchasing GOLD and you will notice a strip of tabs along the bottom of the screen, one for each purchasable item SPECIAL OFFERS, GOLD, CASH, SLOW-MO or ARMOR PIERCING.

  • Tap on the tab for the item category that you would like to purchase (In this example we will purchase more SLOW-MO).

  • Tap on the 'SLOW-MO' tab.

  • The following screen will display the options you have for purchasing SLOW-MO.

  • The options for Slow Mo will be x5, x20 or x100. Simply tap on the option you would like to purchase and an App Store pop-up will be displayed with the 'BUY' option.

  • Tapping the 'BUY' button will continue your purchase in the same way you would purchase any other in-app purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: All payments in Sniper Strike: Special Ops are processed through Google Play or Apple (depending on your device).

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