How do I access PvP Mode?

To access PvP Mode, please follow these steps:
  • From the Main Menu, tap on PvP Mode which is located to the right of the Campaign Mode.

  • The next screen shows how many Crates you’ve managed to unlock due to PvP victories. The more PvP battles you win, the more Crates you’ll win. If you currently have no Crates to open, then simply tap on the Download/Continue button. You will only be shown the Download button if you need to download the Location that this PvP battle is taking place in.

  • The following screen is the lobby. Here you can change your current weapon/equipment via the 'CUSTOMIZE' button in preparation for the fight ahead.

    • You can also increase the rewards you’ll gain on this screen. At the bottom of the central menu, you will notice there are three batteries. By default, the Energy Bonus will be set to x1 and this is due to each PvP Mission requiring 1 x Energy Battery to take part in. However, if you’re feeling confident in your abilities then you can increase the number of Energy Batteries used to either x2 or x3, this will also increase the bonus you receive if successful by the same factor.

  • If you’re happy to proceed you can now press the 'START' button and you will begin your search for a PvP opponent and once found you will be taken to the location and the battle will begin.

  • As mentioned above, PvP battles are Best of Three Tournaments, this means that whichever player is the first to reach two victories will be the overall winner and will reap the rewards.

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