What PvP Game Modes are there?

There are four types of PvP Missions that you can take part in, these being Standard, Headshots Only, Thermal and Armor.


In 'Standard' PvP missions you compete with other human players 1 Vs 1 in a Best of Three (first to win 2 victories) face-off, where the winner of each round is the first player to eliminate the other player.

Headshots Only

'Headshots Only' missions are very similar to 'Standard' PvP missions. However, in this mode, only headshots will count and a hit to any other part of the opposing player's body will have no effect. As with 'Standard' PvP mode, the first player to win 2 victories will be the winner.


During 'Thermal' PvP missions, you have the ability to activate 'Thermal Vision' at any time which will highlight the opposing player in tones of Red and Orange, making it much easier to determine where your opponent is located. As with other PvP modes, Thermal is a Best of Three (first to win 2 victories) face-off.


In 'Armor' PvP missions you will need to be more tactical as each player will go into battle sporting armor that could potentially protect them against sniper rounds. If you shoot the other player in an armored part of their body then the armor could deflect your round. The best way to combat this is to use Thermal Imaging which will highlight weak points in the other player's armor which you can then take advantage of.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all gear is considered armor, visit the 'CUSTOMIZE' screen to find out which gear will offer you protection in these missions.

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