How do I manage my CHAT MUTES?

To manage your CHAT MUTES, please follow these steps:

  • Tap the side-menu arrow, located halfway up the right-hand of the screen, so that the side-menu is brought into the display.

  • At the top of the screen, you will notice 5 tabs, GLOBAL CHAT, CLAN CHAT, PRIVATE CHAT, INBOX & Cog Icon (Settings).

  • Tap on the Cog Icon (Settings) tab.

  • The screen should now display all of the options that you can adjust, with CHAT MUTES being directly below the HARD TAP SENSITIVITY slider.

  • To manage your CHAT MUTES simply tap on the CHAT MUTES button. A screen will be displayed with a list of all players that you have Chat Muted in the past. Each player will have an Orange slider next to their name, to remove the chat mute from the player simply tap on the slider until it turns Grey, then tap the update button. Any player that has the chat mute removed will also be removed from the Chat Mutes screen.

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