Customize Screen Intro

The 'Customize' screen can be accessed just before heading into a mission by tapping the Customize button.

Within the 'Customize' menu you're able to equip and upgrade all of your weapons, gear, and perks.

For example, to upgrade your Rifle magazine so that it can fire more rounds between reloads, then you can do this by:

  • Tap on the 'Rifles' tab

  • Slide left/right until you have the Rifle that you wish to upgrade visible on-screen.

  • Tap on the image of the Rifle to be taken to that particular Rifle's customization screen.

  • Tap on 'MAGAZINE'

  • The next screen displays your current magazine size and the cost in 'Cash' or 'Gold' required for the upgrade, as well as the result of the upgrade (in this case an increase in magazine size).

  • If you choose to upgrade using 'Cash', then there are two things to keep in mind, the cost in 'Cash' and the 'Time' required for the upgrade to complete (occasionally upgrade times for 'Cash' will be instant).

  • If you choose to upgrade using 'Gold' then all upgrades will be instant.

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